My core research program is centered around studying contested fields of deviant behavior. There are three main pillars to this effort. First, I conduct case studies of gray markets to understand how unsettled legal structure shifts power arrangements between state and non-state actors, leads to the emergence of new technologies of social control, and influences the practices of stigmatized organizations. Second, I take a comparative approach to analyzing the cultural dynamics of political violence to reveal the social logics of terrorism and illuminate the factors that lead to specific forms of state-sanctioned punishment. Third, I study companies that privately contract with prisons to understand how the incarcerated and their families are exploited by the commodification of the carceral experience. In my approach to these topics, I commonly integrate formal models of cultural analysis with more traditional interpretive methods. I have expertise in several approaches to computationally-assisted content analysis including topic modeling, correspondence analysis, and visual criminology.

Research on Gray Markets

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Research on Political Violence

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Research on the Commodification of Prison Experience

Please email me for my working papers in this area.